Chateau de Tracy

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  • Madame des Fontaynes Menetou-Salon Red 2019

    NT$ 1,400

    A fine Pinot Noir that surprises by an intense bouquet of red fruits blending juicy notes of raspberry, freshly crushed strawberry and vanilla. The palate has a balanced structure and a lovely concentration. The finish is clean, precise, pleasantly underlined by more ripe fruit, delicately followed by salty notes which admirably recall the continental origins of this PinotNoir. Can be kept for between 5 and 10 years.

  • Madame des Fontaynes Menetou-Salon White 2019

    NT$ 1,350

    The village of Menetou-Salon is located south-west of Sancerre and is surrounded by approximately 370 hectares of vineyards. Traditionally there was no viticulture here, but people mainly cultivated apples. The rich who settled in Menetou after the Middle Ages planted their own vineyards here and over time the world discovered the quality of this neighbor of Sancerre. The Menetou-Salon appellation dates from 1959. White, red and rosé wines are produced here.

    A remarkable expression of continental Sauvignon combining freshness and a rich texture. In the glass, the wine develops a complex and delicate bouquet of citrus, then exotic fruit such as passion fruit, mango and lychee. Exceptional length that perfectly highlights the minerality of this delicious Sauvignon.

  • Château de Tracy 2016 101 Rangs 普依芙媚101白酒

    NT$ 4,900

    The nose : The nose is fresh chiseled. It first offers a varietal register: fern, rhubarb, orange, beautifully integrated in a beautiful minerality. After stirring, floral notes gradually gain momentum: broom, elderflower and lily of the valley. The spicy frame keeps a very nice freshness.

    Palate : The mouth is massive and chiseled. One quickly distinguishes aromas of exotic fruits, around which interweave touches of coconut, toasted almonds or lily of the valley. The acid balance increases in power and offers a lemony and saline finish very typical of Silex soils.

  • Château de Tracy 2018 Haute Densité 普依芙媚 H.D.白酒

    NT$ 3,900

    The nose : very fresh, starting with a varietal register, fern, rhubarb, and a nice minerality. After a short breath, appear some floral scents such as broom, elderflower and thrush.

    Palate :  The mouth is massive and chiselled, filled by intense exotic fruits flavours, coconut, toasted almonds and thrush. This vintage shows an accurate balance between the flesh and the acidity, offering a delicate lemony and salty finish, (terroir of flint).

  • Château de Tracy 2019 普依芙媚白酒

    NT$ 1,900

    Nose: Very intense. At first, fresh notes of blackcurrants, boxwood, peppermint and tarragon dominate. The nose then evolves towards fruitier notes of lemon followed by exotic fruit such as mango and passionfruit. Aromas of kiwi fruit are also revealed on a mineral and spicy background (coriander and green pepper)

    Palate: First impressions are full-bodied and supple with appetising notes of blackcurrant. The acidity then progressively rises, echoing the ripe, lemony flavours found on the nose. Flavours of exotic fruit and mango coulis bring it softness. The finish is long and structured and reveals notes of lime and grapefruit peel.

  • Château de Tracy 2019 Mademoiselle de T 普依芙媚T小姐白酒

    NT$ 1,450

    The nose: The first exotic nose is explosive. It develops a very beautiful variation of the character of Sauvignon: boxwood, blackcurrant bud and honeysuckle. Airing clarifies and amplifies these scents, to which are added citrus notes, supported by more subtle hints of curry and saffron, which bring depth to the whole.
    Taste: The attack is clean, lively, straight. The bouquet is complex, marked by citrus fruits then exotic fruit (mango, passion). The mouth provides a salivating sensation and offers a nice volume. It admirably declines all the aromatic palette perceived on the nose and continues with fresher notes such as grapefruit zest, followed by saline notes.