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  • Moscato d’Asti Biancospino 2020/2021 蜜思嘉山楂花微甜白酒

    NT$ 1,200

    根據義大利權威級的《紅蝦評鑑=義大利葡萄酒年鑑》,La Spinetta犀牛酒莊是全義大利排名前三的酒莊,得過38次最高榮譽的三杯獎被評為三星酒莊,並在2001獲得「年度最佳酒莊」的頭銜

  • Moscato d’Asti Bricco Quaglia 2020 山藍雀鳥蜜思嘉微甜白酒

    NT$ 1,200

    Closed in a screw-cap bottle, the La Spinetta 2020 Mosc…

  • Monferrato Pin 2010 萍紅酒(莊主紀念酒款)

    NT$ 1,900


  • La Spinetta Barbaresco Starderi 2009 史比內塔酒莊巴巴瑞斯柯嘉麗娜園紅酒

    NT$ 4,900

    產 地:義大利 Piedmonte, Barbaresco DOCG

    酒 廠:La Spinetta (Gambero Rosso : Winery of The Year 2001)

    葡 萄 品 種:100 % Nebbiolo

    評 分:Wine Spectator – 93分; Wine Advocate – 93分

    2017 Wine & Spirits全美餐廳最受歡迎義大利酒第一名「犀牛」

  • Luciano Sandrone • Nebbiolo d’Alba Valmaggiore 2018

    NT$ 1,800

    94+ – Robert Parker

    The Luciano Sandrone 2018 Nebbiolo d’Alba Valmaggiore shows a very fruity, fresh and accessible side of the Nebbiolo grape. This wine is open-knit and inviting with a steady succession of aromas that range from red cherry and plum to rosemary sprig and crushed mineral. On some level, you could call it Barolo Lite, although that does not do justice to the Valmaggiore vineyard in Roero that outperforms year after year. The wine is Barolo-adjacent for sure, but it offers its own bright and distinct personality. It’s an exciting, new generation of Nebbiolo.

    適飲期 : 2020-2030

  • Luciano Sandrone • Barolo Vite Talin 2014

    NT$ 12,000

    96 – Robert Parker

    2014 RP 96
    2015 RP 97-99
    2016 RP 98

    96 – Robert Parker

    With a September 2019 release date, the 2014 Barolo Vite Talin is robust, with broad shoulders and beautiful aromas of spice and herbs. There is a fullness and generosity to its meaty notes, while it shows a more rustic side when put side by side with the 2015: The tannins here make their presence well known, and the wine has a wild side overall. The Vite Talin is a wine that has a way of responding to difficult harvests like this one. The grapes survived for a reason, and what you get here is not your classic approach to Barolo at all. This expression explores new boundaries, and it will be a hard wine to forget. This Barolo was born following 25 years of experimentation, and only 2,200 precious bottles were made.

    適飲期 : 2023-2045

  • Luciano Sandrone • Barolo Le Vigne 2016

    NT$ 7,000

    100 – Robert Parker

    I absolutely adore this wine on every emotional and intellectual level. I can still taste it today, weeks after my first sampling. The Luciano Sandrone 2016 Barolo Le Vigne is a stirring and profound expression that pulls on your heartstrings. I found it to be unforgettable, quite literally, inspiring one of those celebrated “wow” moments that we wine lovers so desperately seek in bottle after bottle. Le Vigne is a clever blend of fruit from Baudana in Serralunga d’Alba (offering the power), Villero in Castiglione Falletto (shaping the precision), Vignane in Barolo (adding to the purity of the aromas) and Merli in Novello (that helps to flesh out the fruit). This intersection of various vineyards spanning the appellation creates a pyramid of perfection and beauty. The wine shows large construction, but that fruit weight is balanced against the vivid cherry, spice, aniseed and campfire ash that gently lift from the bouquet.

    適飲期 : 2024-2055

  • Luciano Sandrone • Barolo Le Vigne 2015

    NT$ 5,175

    95+ – Robert Parker

    2015 RP 95+ $5175
    2017 AG 95+ $7475
    2018 RP 96+ $7475


    95+ – Robert Parker

    Luciano Sandrone expected this would be a beautiful year for Nebbiolo, with fruit showing the qualities of an important wine all throughout the growing season and right up to harvest. And yes, the 2015 Barolo le Vigne did turn out to be a great vintage, with a full aromatic array of perfumed rose, lavender and violet. For all of its generosity and expressiveness, with just a beautiful bouquet that sings out a seductive mezzo-soprano aria, be forewarned that in the mouth this is followed by rigidity and nervousness. That explosive bouquet might mislead you into thinking this is a rather evolved wine, but you certainly feel its youth on the palate. To be frank, this was an easy year to make wine, and it’s not a big surprise that this edition of le Vigne turned out to be as classic and as good as it is. It should get even better with time.

    適飲期 : 2022-2045

  • Luciano Sandrone , Barolo Aleste 2016

    NT$ 5,175

    98 – Robert Parker

    現有年份:2015 / 2017 /2018


    98 – Robert Parker

    The Luciano Sandrone 2016 Barolo Aleste is a very special wine for several reasons. First, we get that exceedingly smooth and seamless quality that we saw in many of the other new releases in this portfolio. This trait sums up the house style. Second, this vintage delivers impeccable intensity that transcends the various fruit, spice, earthy and ethereal components of the bouquet. That equal intensity spread across all parts of the wine is what creates those beautiful transitions. The wine is layered and rich in terms of mouthfeel with a long, fruit and spice-driven finish. The tannins are tucked in at the back, surrounded amply by the wine’s textural richness and fruit weight.

    The team at Luciano Sandrone always has exciting news to report. In October of last year, they launched their newest wine, the 2013 Vite Talin, which I awarded 100 points. This year, the 2014 vintage will hit the market. I awarded that wine 96 points, and you can find those reviews (plus a sneak peek at the upcoming 2015 vintage) in our database.

    適飲期 : 2024-2055