Domaine Vacheron

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  • L’Enclos Du Remparts VDF MMXIX 2019 (實驗地塊非 Sancerre AOP)配售

    NT$ 9,800

    Domaine Vacheron elaborates this Domaine Vacheron Enclos Des Remparts Mmxviii , a white wine from the region of Wines without Appellation (France) and comes with an alcohol content of 13%. At Drinks&Co, this white wine scores an average rate of 4 of 5 points.

  • Sancerre Rouge Les Marnes 2010 香榭紅酒 -馬內園

    NT$ 5,500

    French oak barrels obtained from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. Aromas of red cherries, slightly spicy. Floral and savoury with mineral notes. Precise and alive.
    Complexity that elegantly accompany an extremely long finish. Great with lamb, chicken or even better, with hacis parmentier.

  • Sancerre Rouge Belle Dame 2015 香榭紅酒 – 佳人園

    NT$ 3,300

    It’s amazing how many brilliant Pinos there are in the Sauvignon stronghold of Sancerre! Domaine Vacheron – Sancerre Rouge “Belle Dame” is one of the absolute killers year after year: ultra precise, slightly smoky, herbal flavor, small red berries, noble wood, forest floor, porcini mushrooms and cigar boxes. On the palate, things go on like this: delicate, polished tannin, salty-chalky, great length with a very elegant and light structure.

  • Sancerre Rouge 2017 香榭紅酒

    NT$ 2,000

    The Sancerre rouge presents itself expressively and excitingly in the nose, as first one perceives clear incense notes, followed by the smell of dried herbs like rosemary, thyme, juniper berry and clove. Floral scents like ivy, nettle and elderflower are also detectable. With the necessary oxygen contact, fine fruit aromas of cherry, cassis and wild raspberry join in, adding a feminine and fruity touch to its cool, distinctive and fresh attack.

    Animating and refreshing, it presents itself on the tongue. Clear mineral notes, a fine herbal spice and a stimulating acidity and a moderate alcohol determine the taste picture. A red wine, which harmonizes slightly chilled excellently with aromatic dishes and fish.

  • Sancerre Blanc Guigne-Chèvres 2018 / 2019 香榭白酒 – 櫻桃山羊園

    NT$ 2,700

    On the palate the Guigne-Chèvres a tightly woven and tense web of bright citrus aromas, herbs and rocky notes, lime zest and white pepper. The acidity is beguilingly present, demanding and punchy, the minerality vibrant, the stoniness and saltiness additionally lively, mouthwatering and delicious. Thereby the Sancerre currently still quite shy and will need a few more years to fully develop. He will definitely need a decade, maybe even a decade and a half.

  • Sancerre Blanc – Clos des Chambrates 2019 香榭白酒 – 香波園

    Comparing the 2019 Sancerre Chambrates with his neighbor, the Sancerre Le Paradiswhich comes from a similar, but not the same terroir, the Chambrates a little more yellow-fruited than the more green to light yellow-fruited Le Paradis, just as if a few limes had been taken away and replaced by kumquats and the green apples by yellow ones and maybe even a few slices of apricot. But at the same time also remains the Chambrates on the energetic, pure looking and straight Page.
    On the palate, this impression continues seamlessly. The Chambrates is an immensely elegant, delicate and yet pure and demanding Sancerre with pressure and vitality, freshness and deep minerality. Notes of cassis and gooseberry show up here and are interwoven with citrus notes, salt and crisp fresh stone fruit. The Chambrates vibrates with tension, but at the same time seems strong and deep, long and persistent, as sinewy as a long-distance runner. One can easily trust him with this endurance for the next decade.

  • Sancerre Blanc – Le Pavé 2019 香榭白酒 – 路徑

    NT$ 4,300

    Domaine Vacheron is one of Sancerre’s greatest estates. The wines are consistently delicious and somehow manage to please both wine geeks and newbies year after year. Simply put, sauvignon blanc doesn’t get much better than this. Le Pavé is an organic wine from a small plot of some of Vacheron’s best land, with fresh flavors of tart apple, lemon, and salt. Drink it whenever you’re thirsty and want to treat yourself.

  • Sancerre Blanc – Le Paradis 2019 香榭白酒 – 樂園

    NT$ 2,700

    The 2019 Sancerre Le Paradis presents itself as exceedingly fresh, straighter. The Sauvignon Blanc is bright and already powerful on the nose. Beside many citric notes from lime over lemon to grapefruit a breath of flint and smoke shows up, but only as a coating, not as a formative element. In addition, there are chalky-chalky notes, a little green apple and herbs.
    What one can only guess at in the fragrance becomes obvious on the palate. It is the pure power and intensity of this very mineral, purist, punchy and cool. Sancerre. The Le Paradis appears pure, bright and resonant on the palate. At the same time, the energy is bubbling and the Sauvignon Blanc seems as clear as a mountain stream. Besides the citric fruit, there are iodine-salty notes, which of course provides additional drinking flow. Only on the palate a little bit of cassis and elderberry becomes recognizable, but this remains very fine as well as moderate and is offset with a very slight sweetness. The Le Paradis pushes forward unflinchingly and on and on into the long, straight Finals.

  • Sancerre Blanc – Les Romains 2019 香榭白酒 – 古羅馬園

    NT$ 2,700

    Les Romains is a flint terroir located in the eastern part of Sancerre. Here the soils have a strong resemblance to the terroir across the Loire river in Pouilly-Fumé. There is a definite smoky and flinty quality to the wine that is backed with a piquant and delicate citrus fruitiness reminiscent of grapefruit.