Col d'Orcia


  • Col d’Orcia Olmaia Sant’Antimo Cabernet 2000 (21年珍稀老酒)

    NT$ 2,700

    Col d’Orcia Olmaia Sant’Antimo Cabernet

    The new denomination “Sant’Antimo” is allowed exclusively to the wines vinified from grapes grown in the area of Montalcino, further enriching its already prestigious wine reality.

    This wine is dedicated to the innovative spirit and vision of Count Alberto Marone Cinzano when he planted Cabernet Sauvignon in the early 1980’s on the hills of Montalcino. This wine is the pure expression of the best known grape variety in the world married with the climate of our very unique “terroir”. In the glass you will find all the intensity of the dry and hot Mediterranean summer and if you close your eyes, you might even be able to hear the crickets singing in the background.

    Main Features

    Deep and dense, with shining purple hues.

    Very varietal, the Cabernet fruit is in great balance with the spices from the oak barrel, with a strong touch of “terroir” of Montalcino.

    Impressive tannin, but easy to enjoy right now thanks to the enormous and luscious body that encloses these noble polyphenols. From mid palate on you have a crescendo of warm, juicy and deep sensations that lead to a very persistent and unforgettable after-taste.