Domaine Bonneau du Martray Corton Rouge Grand Cru 2019 (配售)

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France, Burgundy




Pinot Noir

Domaine Bonneau du Martray Corton Rouge Grand Cru 2019 (配售)

WA 92-94 / BH 91-94

The Charlemagne climate, the historical heart of the CortonCharlemagne Grand Cru appellation, harmoniously rounds off the Corton hill on its western side. The vines facing west are exposed to the sun from mid-morning until sunset, a unique feature in Burgundy. The air circulation caused by the neighbouring hills airs out the vineyard and preserves the freshness of the grapes. Pinot noir plots are located at the bottom of the hillsides on the clayey soils of the hill. The composition of this cuvée reflects the freshness and power of this great Charlemagne terroir.
The pinot noir is picked by hand with a first sorting in the vineyard. Only perfect bunches are selected. After reception in the winery, the grapes are meticulously sorted and completely destemmed. The goal is to put intact berries in wooden vats to preserve all their aromatic and gustatory potential. The interventions during the vatting are the traditional gentle pigeage, remontage and delestage. The wine is then transferred to French oak barrels for 12 months and will continue to age for another 6 months in stainless steel tanks, before being finally blended and bottled.


Domaine Bonneau du Martray



本莊園的歷史可溯至西元775年, Charlemagne 查理曼大帝 將面積約3公頃的葡萄園贈予修道院,此塊御賜葡萄園,現今仍屬於 Domaine Bonneau du Martray 。不像同區全為零星的小地塊, 莊園持有Corton 高登地區最大、最精華、完整連續的11公頃葡萄園,種植 Chardonnay 9.5公頃,Pinot Noir 1.5公頃,葡萄樹齡平均為50年。


莊園由2000年開始進行有機栽植,並試行 “自然動力法”。 15個地塊白葡萄全部分開獨立釀製發酵,於新舊橡木桶內熟成,再進行混合,培養至隔年冬天再行裝瓶靜置後釋出。 Bonneau du Martay 高登-查里曼白酒的雄壯、醇厚、高貴且耐久藏潛力,需要 7~15年以上的窖藏時間方得適飲。


Le Bault de la Morinière 家族擁有此莊園達 200年之久,直到 2017年初美國富豪 Stan Koenke 入主。