Dal Forno Romano Valpolicella Superiore

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Italia, Veneto, Valpolicella




corvina 70%, rondinella 20%, croatina 5%, oseleta 5%

Dal Forno Romano Valpolicella Superiore

Dal Forno’s 2002 Valpolicella is a massively endowed effort revealing backward dark fruit, new leather, spices, herbs, roasted coffee beans and toasted oak on an imposing, tannic frame. Made in a super-concentrated style – even by Dal Forno’s standards – it will require several years of cellaring for the tannins to soften somewhat, although it is hard to imagine that will ever completely happen. Beginning with the 2002 vintage Dal Forno’s Valpolicella is made from 100% dried fruit, whereas in previous vintages the wine had been made only partially with dried fruit. Anticipated maturity: 2010-2017.

Romano Dal Forno is a humble, down to earth and extremely passionate person. Just a few minutes with Dal Forno are enough to understand his unwavering, some might say obsessive, pursuit of quality. I have never met a producer with such a maniacal approach to cleanliness in the cellar. Nothing is wasted here. As I tasted the drying grapes after the 2006 harvest one grape fell to the ground, but it was swiftly picked up by Dal Forno. The same aesthetic applies to Dal Forno’s work in the vineyards. Dal Forno’s newest plot is planted with an extremely dense 12,800 vines per hectare and can only be described as a work of surgical precision. Dal Forno uses roughly 60-70% Corvina, 10-15% Croatina, 10-15% Rondinella and a small amount of Oseleta for the Valpolicella and Amarone. The fruit from the estate’s younger vines goes into the Valpolicella, while Amarone is made from vineyards that range from 10 to 30 years of age.


Dal Forno Romano

Dal Forno 在羅馬酒莊的另一個名字是大波利塞利酒莊,釀製葡萄酒的名作:Quintar 酒莊(Quintar)被尊稱為Amarone之王,雖然他的價格高不可攀產,但他的酒保本人卻很平易近人,他的努力和你一眼就看得見。


Dal Forno 已釀酒歷經三代,以前的那種葡萄農家普遍都將葡萄賣給當地合作社,直到 Dal Forno 22 歲時遇到威尼託的 Giuspe Quintarelli,這是一場改變歷史的會面,Quintarelli 注意到 Dal Forno 對於威士忌有滿懷熱情,瞬間更無性相,膝下如影隨形,今天這兩個傳奇人物將各自揚名塞拉,將他的封頂,昆塔雷利保持著經典的釀造法而繁衍Forno 則勇於創新是之首,Robert Parker Quintarelli 卻選擇了 Dal Forno 為全世界棄置的 175 家現代最偉大的收穫(參見 The World’s Greatest Wine Estates 一書)是青出於藍,更勝於藍。


Dal For Romano 的葡萄酒少用了 1 顆葡萄葡萄。人要每放一放。他的葡萄樹能夠很快地採用4-6式的生產方式,才能生產出一瓶酒,所產的酒令人心曠神怡,卻令人難以置信。是Valpolicell的一個地區,儘管他們的酒釀出的酒非常多的多的風格,卻讓酒體又有如此多的釀製和表現,他以現代化的方式生產並釀酒槽再次發酵,釀酒室裡每一個步驟都在真空控制之下進行,說Dal Forno是釀酒的份子一點也不誇張。


古柱廊和科技在他的羅馬電影裡最新的酒窖裡並存,鋼製的架子裡有紅色的火候,感覺很像飛機的噴射,就像007詹姆士龐德的場景,釀造馬龍酒的關鍵2223年5月23日,50000000000000000,他的名字響起,為他打造了他的傳奇佳作。更為「派克富貴地產」98 且常為顧客帶來的高收益,蘇比佳士德等有特色的精品精選,產量少,一分一出就被收藏家一掃而空而聞名於世。