Canalicchio Di Sopra Brunello Di Montalcino 2017

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Italy , Tuscany , Brunello di Montalcino




Sangiovese 100%

Canalicchio Di Sopra Brunello Di Montalcino 2017

As you drive downhill from the hamlet of Montalcino on its north side, you pass the Canalicchio di Sopra winery, which is located in a shallow, sun-lit basin of vines. This estate is meticulous and studied in its winemaking philosophy, and the 2017 Brunello di Montalcino is an expression of that concentration. This warm-climate Brunello reveals awesome purity and intensity with wild cherry, almond and lilac spread over a tonic, mid-weight finish. This wine awards plenty of elegance in a vintage that was not easy and not prone to such nuance. Production is exactly 39,989 bottles.

2017:The surprising freshness of a warm vintage:
The 2017 vintage is classified among those with hot and dry climates, when the vines sought out and found a natural and surprising way to adapt to quite extreme conditions for the area of Montalcino. During this hot and drought-like year, the biggest challenge was to maintain the enjoyability, freshness and purity of the fruit. The evolution of the weather and agronomic conditions was a continual challenge to interpretation and fear culminating in a great sigh of relief at the end of August when the rains came and provided balance to the vines and fruit, giving them the chance to benefit from the optimal conditions in the twenty days before the harvest, the most important and crucial. The three weeks preceding the harvest were, in fact, those of a GREAT VINTAGE, with mild temperatures during the day and even cooler at night, elevated temperature ranges and dry and favourable days alternated with a bit of rain which was immediately dried up by the wind.
This vintage gave us further confirmation that the greatest vintages come when the perfect conditions are created before the harvest, and this is what happened in 2017. This resulted in a wine of great personality, generous on the nose, enfolding and sensual, which amazes with its freshness in the mouth and its surprising balance making it a wine of great pleasure. Fire and ice, sweetness and sapidity, balsamic and fruity, a mix of ingredients which gives this vintage an extreme pleasantness but also it the seriousness of a great Brunello di Montalcino. The 2017 Brunello di Montalcino DOCG is a continual contrast between the hot and cooler parts of the year: the freshness in the mouth is contrasted by the sweeter opulence and fullness on the nose. Elegant and silky tannins which give depth and vibration to the wine. The acidity, perfectly integrated in the alcohol content lends itself to the prospect of ageing well in the bottle.


Canalicchio di Sopra


Canalicchio di Sopra酒莊由Primo Pacenti於1962年在托斯卡納的Montalcino鎮以北Val d’Orcia(奧爾恰谷)創立。秉持著生產典雅Sangiovese的釀酒哲理而備受推崇,酒莊也是Brunello葡萄酒協會(Consorzio del vino Brunello di Montalcino)的12位發起人之一,為今日Brunello di Montalcino葡萄酒的成功拓展做出重大貢獻。


如今,Primo Pacenti的子孫們也加入了酒莊,並為酒莊帶來了創新及先進的釀酒技術,品質得到了大幅的提升,深受世界各地嚐家和專業品酒師的追捧,包括Gambero Rosso、Wine Spectator、Wine Enthusiast和Wine Advocat都讚譽有加。酒莊標誌性的Canalicchio di Sopra” Brunello Di Montalcino”每年都備受好評,在2015年James Suckling更打出了97分高分!